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Posted on: January 3, 2018

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Here are the top five viral animal videos. From Taliban-trained terrorist monkeys to a superhero cat in California, we’ll show you the new meaning of “animals gone wild”! Winner of last week’s Caption This photo was Eyad Khalif, who wrote “What does your girlfriend last night and the photo have in common. Both involve men and balls to the face.” Stay tuned for this week’s new Caption This photo! Some people love their pets WAY more than they do other humans, which explains why an Australian couple decided to shell out $180 in 2014 to get a brain tumor removed from their pet’s brain. The catch? It was a wonder this story went viral! Why they did it for a God damn goldfish, I have no idea. But I guess if you’re from Australia, you don’t really have much going for yourself. The fish--named George--developed a brain tumor over the course of a year that affected its ability to eat, swim, & interact with other fish. So Lyn Orton & Pip Joyce of Melbourne decided to step it up & hired Dr. Tristan Rich to perform the surgery, which he was successful in doing so! In fact, George is expected to live for another 10-20 years! What a waste of time & money, just like everything else in Australia. Also taking place in 2014 was a great dane that ate over a month’s worth of socks! The 3-year-old hungry hound from Portland was seen by its owners repeatedly gagging & vomiting all day, leading to a trip to Portland’s DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital where unlike in Australia, the doctors treat animals that actually matter! Australians take note: nobody cares about your goldfish. Anyways, x-rays showed a stomach full of a large quantity of foreign material. After cutting open the poor pup during a two-hour surgery, Dr. Ashley Magee found 43½ pairs of socks! The great dane fortunately made a full recovery & was even able to go home the very next day! Duncan is a two-legged boxer born with deformed back legs, which were later removed to make him more comfortable! Yeah he may look a little weird at first, but I gotta admit that he’s still fucking adorable. His story went viral about two years ago when he was recorded running around on just his two front legs! Duncan’s been able to get around pretty easily & has miraculously led the normal life of any other happy-go-lucky dog, which has proven to be an inspiration to many...including Australians! Before we move on to #2, caption this! I nearly shit my pants when I heard about this one! It was reported in 2010 that the Taliban successfully trained monkeys to use machine guns & trench mortars against U.S. Military forces. Media reports in China show them operating a Kalashnikov, Bren light machine gun with claims that they’re even able to identify & attack U.S. soldiers based on the appearance of their uniforms! To my relief, this story turned out to be a complete hoax. Although there is no such thing as a monkey terrorist, you could argue that every Australian criminal descendent is a bit of a monkey...errrrr I mean terrorist. Every terrorist is a bit of a monkey. And now for our number one bizarre viral animal story! For more videos, subscribe here. Who ever said house cats weren’t badass beasts? Jeremy Triantafilo’s cat saved their four-year-old son from a dog attack right outside their house in California. The entire scene was captured on surveillance cameras as the neighbor’s dog attacked the little guy. Supercat here came to the rescue by throwing itself at the dog, causing it to let go of the boy then quickly flee. This incredible cat essentially saved the boy’s life! Man, I wish my pussy would do this for me. Instead, she just complains about all my dumb YouTube videos! Maybe it’s because she’s Australian. Be sure to check out our “17 Sports Photos Taken at EXACTLY the Right Moment” by clicking here. Bored Badger.

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