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Posted on: January 3, 2018

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Viral Videos and you have four different registrations you have five tickets they go back to 2004 2005 and 2006 you prosecute those tickets well your honor not from all four or five we won't even have copies of those your honor those manners are going to be dismissed I wasn't aware of them anyway I'm sorry well I think you the issue is whether you are aware of them the issue is whether with that they were placed on the vehicle and they were at the time you were living on 9th Street in Woonsocket we'll keep in track to you hey then you got a ticket on friendships 3 in 2008 that was a parking meter around friendship Street that's going to cost you $25 then you have a parking meter in 2014 on Friendship Street it's going to cost you $25 so so far you're doing pretty good because all you guys $50 and now you have four parking tickets are you talking about the most recent one most recent ones right all right I went on under Nissan yeah the one on 11th one I went to Social Security because they had cut my check because I said was easily killed last year so they've got my check was he had owed money who my son was killed boxes last year right so I was his rep payee so they took my money because he had old buddy so I had to go to Social Security to fix that matter when I came out like I had a ticket then another time on the fifth the parking meter wasn't working I have the picture for that on one foot I was at court because my landlord was shine evict me so that addiction court come out I got a ticket mind you he won possession of tartlet so I had to move so I got a ticket he want possession of the apartment then I get another one because I tried to go to the legal services to try to get help to fix this I go get some change out of Dunkin Donuts come out I got $100 ticket what was the action what was the situation with the mix-up and social security with your son my son was killed last year March of last year they said that he old $75 of overpayments from May of 2016 mind you he was already deceased at that time so what they did was they stopped my whole check until I went in there to fix the problem so when I came out I had a pocket all right I've had a tough year already I really I'm on SSDI I don't have $400 to give you I talking whatever else I really do I just had to come up with money for a new apartment I'm still paying rustling going for my son's funeral like I don't know where this my supposed to come from I wish I would have got my brother that night if he wasn't killed by blood that's why my kids good I'm just really having a tough time here at it I think we can all express our sympathy to you and understand the trauma that you have experienced I'm still going back to what the court for that it still emotions I'm going to take all the circumstances that you just have explained to me into consideration and see if I can balance the equities to protect the interest of the city and take into consideration you know the horrific story that you just told us relative to your son I don't think anyone in their lifetime would ever want to experience that so the worst feeling in the world I feel so empty what I'm going to reduce this to fifty dollars how much time do you need to pay it I have taught me that all right that's not going to leave without any money is it I'll leave it with five dollars thank you I'm not gonna leave you with five dollars I'm not gonna leave I'm gonna dismiss everything thank you alright with our best wishes and hope Viral Videos

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